Birthdays and Food – Best mix

So last night was a bit of a run around. After the wedding dresses with my sister I headed home and got ready.

Chucked on a pair of shorts, nice teal singlet and my flats….hmm no not happy, to casual

Changed into a strapless short black dress….too dressy

Changed into a teal dress which I think I have only worn once before. That’ll do.

I couldn’t believe I changed 3 times….puh-lease, I should of stayed with the shorts and singlet as would of been most comfortable.

Anyhoo, the night was just kicking off around 7ish, met up with alot of V’s friends, I don’t think she realised how many people she invited, as she only had a table for 15 reserved, and nearly 25 people came haha. Oh well, they were able to loiter around no biggie. She loved her gift, which was this amazing necklace my girlfriend and I organised, by the way V – I want your necklace, count yourself warned. Dinner for me was bruschetta (I seriously have an addiction to this stuff) as it was a fair sized serve, and I may have eaten 3kgs worth of pasta at lunch.

Had to say goodbye to V and the fiance and I jumped into a cab to go to Potts Point, to this little Czech restaurant. Such a nice venue, but soooo toasty. We were sweating to death upstairs!I didn’t post anything here about it as it was a surprise birthday dinner for Deb, and she was surprised! I only wish I was there to see her reaction 🙂 We made it before the cake, so planned it well. Ended up leaving about 10pm and headed home. A long long day.

Today we’ll head to the St George Sailing club as a potential wedding venue. Will suss it out and see if it makes the cut. Then we have to pick out of 3 (Kogarah Golf club & St George Motor Boat club). A bit more chilled today in the weather, which is always nice, but so long as it doesn’t go the extreme I am happy.

Alrighty then, I am off venue shopping.

Dress – Bardot

Handbag – Japan markets

Necklace – Combination of pink star (gifted by sister) and The Used strangled heart