Fare Thee Well

Today we lost one of the good ones. One of the girls from work resigned and it put everyone in a slump. With no warning it was a shock and upsetting. Such a vivacious spirit will definitely be missed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Well I have just gotten back from the Parentals and I’m feeling blergh….I should have stopped at 1 serving of dinner. Why stomach why!?!! But it was a hilarious and extremely loud dinner, as it usually is. Only 10 people, which is small for my immediate family haha (I’m one of 7 children). Yes I know, a nice big Catholic family where my parents obviously didn’t own a TV otherwise there wouldn’t be so many of us ๐Ÿ™‚

I did get to surprise my mum with news about my promotion, and I told her (and everyone else at the table) in such a way that my “news” would seem like I was pregnant. She totally fell for it, I wish I had a picture of her face. Was kind of like this monkey, but she isn’t a monkey. I’m hurting your brain aren’t I? haha.

Dinner was yum tho, Chicken & Avocado pasta. My sis and I made it, and by that I mean I pulled the chicken off the carcass and she did everything else lol. Moving right along! We had some fun mucking around with the ingredients and found the the soup mix we added came out of the can, still looking like a can, and it was happy to see you!

Yum, couldn’t wait to munch that! As you can tell, am totally following my healthy eating plan.

Tomorrow I get to wear jeans to work! Once a month we do a jeans day on a friday and donate a gold coin to a charity or cause. Tomorrow we will be donating to help out the Christchurch Earthquake in NZ. What a tragedy! Our company has an office over there and it pretty much got pancaked. The Pyne Gould building was completely flattened. My heart goes out to the families suffering.

Alrighty, on that note I need to head to bed. The outfit of today (these are getting harder to do, I have to plan what to wear so I am not wearing the completely same clothes. And looking at my wardrobe, I do not own many colourful items. Its mainly black, gray, a little red, a couple of greens and that’s it. Fiance I need to buy new clothes ^_^

Oh well, I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon haha.

Top – Myer Miss Shop

Singlet – Cotton On

Pants – Singapore

Belt – unknown

Shoes – Somewhere in Sydney (can’t remember)

Necklace – Glebe Markets

Purple Sockets – worn in my shoes ๐Ÿ™‚ from Japan – best thing ever!

So this is me heading to bed, and flipping my sister the bird


Updating my blog

Am finally figuring out how this blog is all working. Will see more additions to my page, and will hopefully not look like a child has designed it haha.

If you have any helpful advice on widgets etc, or how I go about adding images, links etc to the left hand side of my page, please let me know!


Public Transport – How I loathe thee

Ok, this weather is starting to get on my nerves. It goes from really hot (high 30’s) to lows (16 degrees!) and I am ready to punch someone. Weather, make up your mind! We are supposed to be summer, so I should not be sleeping in my winter jammies!

This morning wasn’t too bad, and the train ride in was peaceful and not crammed. I was actually surprised, as most other people when I got on were reading…not listening to load music or playing on phones. Very odd, so odd I even tried to get a photo without it looking like I was stalking anyone.

Kinda hard to do, but I sneaked one in. Anyhoo, was a good ride into work.

Now after a long days work, the last thing people are wanting to do is jam themselves onto a train, as cityrail obviously thinks we love emulating sardines. And then be stuck next to someone who either smells of really bad BO, has loud music on their headphones, or is talking really loudly to another person either on the phone or next to them. This should be quiet time, to chill out on the way home.

I got luckily got aย seat on the trainย (these are very rare, I hope to spot them more often) and then this guy sits beside me and proceeds to increase the volumeย  to his headphones so that people in the next carriage can hear his music.

*Vent Alert*

Now I have nothing against listening to music, but do I seriously have to listen to you bad taste in music (Eminem)? Do I get on the train thinking …

My tunes are so awesome,ย I need to blast them through my headphones because I have the most awesome music selection. I need everyone to know I am awesome after listening and wish they were my friend

Well actually no, we don’t. We think you are a tool who will be deaf by the time they are 35, and should be strangled with their own headphones to spare us (and the rest of the world) from listening. So go somewhere else and bother other people. I’m sure you are just going to go home and listen to Katy Perry in your bedroom as well.

So to recap, if your music volume is turned up so loud, that other people can hear the lyrics, then it is too loud and you have approximately 10 seconds to turn it down or you are copping a punch to the kidneys.

*Vent over*

Ah, I feel better now ^_^

So how was your day? haha

Yay, dinner at the Parentals tomorrow night, I get to share my promotion news and also get a free feed.

Now I have nothing else to chat about, wow, that vent blanked my brain. Hmm…on to the outfits!

Top – Cotton On

Dress – Temt

Tights – unsure

Belt – gifted from a friend

Shoes – Heels from Singapore

Beauty Treatments – All in a days work

Hi there! I am home after an ok day at work. Wasn’t too busy, which is fab, but I have plenty to do when I get in tomorrow morning.

I was reading an article today online about Protecting your eyes (mainly the fragile skin around your eyes) from sunburn and aging. This I think is very important, as not many people rub suncream close to their eyes, or even on their eyelids. I know I don’t! Definately a good read and brings to light some good products that can also be a foundation base for your makeup. I may have to hunt this down ๐Ÿ™‚

Along those lines I also read about a honey facial the other day. This is the easiest thing to do and is very beneficial as honey is a natural anti-bacterial, so will help remove bad bacteria which can lead to bad skin. Honey is also a natural humectant (I’m using big words!), which means it has the ability to attract and retain moisture.

All you need to do is remove all makeup etc from your face. Then put a warm face cloth on for a few minutes, this helps to open your pores. After this paint honey all over your face and leave for 15-20 mins (might be hard to maintain if its hot ^_^ you might start to melt). Rinse off with warm water, the pat dry with a cold cloth, as this will close your pores. Easy peasy facial!

I was reading the free MX on my way home and it had an article about this teen in Britain who weighs 254kg after losing half her body weight at a US fat camp a couple of yrs ago. How do you seriously put on that much weight!! Put down the twinkie and step away from the fridge! Egads! I was seriously dumbfounded, how would she even get around? Crimeny, I am totally thankful I am not that chunky.

Alrighty, I am off to cut my nails, as I know you all wanted to know that. Seriously, they are so long at the moment I keep hitting other keys on the keyboard, and I accidentally stab myself in the face with them (now that takes skill)


Cardigan – SES

Dress – H&M Japan

Stockings – can’t remember, maybe Myer

Bracelet & Earrings – Diva (my $10 bargain!)

Flats – Spendless



Good News Everybody!!

Has been an awesome day today! Apart from feeling blergh all day, my boss took me in to a meeting room this morning, sat me down and told me that I was getting a promotion!! YAY! I actually squealed ๐Ÿ™‚ haha, it is the best news I have had in ages. It will help add to our savings for a house, and then our wedding.

Other than that not much on my end. Worked through the day not feeling sick, but just off. Slight headache, so I think I either am getting a cold, or it’s from lack of sleep the last couple of nights. Early night tonight!

I did catch up with my gf today and we went and had a look at some swimsuits, which is funny considering I posted about them yesterday. She ended up getting a very nice one piece, for only $55 which is a awesome bargain! I will hunt there for mine later on.

Was trying to clear out some of my old tv shows on the pc and came across this. This game was so much fun when I was a kid. Am totally going to dust this one off and give it a whirl later one hehe. The pic is a bit blurry, but you get the jist of it. And if you haven’t experienced the joys of Lemmings, then I feel sorry for you. You must of had a disadvantaged childhood, lol just kidding (but seriously…u are odd).








Am making dinner as I type, what an awesome multi-tasker I hear you say, yes, yes I am. I called my mum this afternoon and got her to give me her recipe for this nice tomato chicken dish. I haven’t made it before, but it always tastes great! I just needed chicken (cubed), Paul Newmans tomato pasta sauce, small tub of cream (which I didn’t use all of), 250ml of water and some cracked pepper. I was meant to add basil, but didn’t have any woops! All this goes into a baking dish in the oven for about an hr or so. Then I have some steamed veges and rice to go with it. Yum, can’t wait.

Anyhoo, that’s all from me, I am pretty wiped out today. Enjoy the rest of your evening ๐Ÿ˜€


Top – gift from my sis

Cardigan – SES

Pants – little asian store in the city

Necklace – Emma Page jewellery

Shoes – Siren heels

Don’t forget to comment and share :)

Engagement Party and Swimwear

Yay! Just got back from a friends engagement party, was at a lovely venue! The yacht club Port Hacking, beautiful view over the water. Got to catch up with some friends and chat, whilst nomming finger food ๐Ÿ™‚

I got to wear my heels that I bought in Japan – finally! I haven’t been able to wear them for ages, just haven’t had the right outfit, and also I don’t go out to heaps of places requiring heels.

Today was so hot! What is it with engagement parties when the heat outside is mid 30’s?? Crazy! We seriously just tried to stay in the air con as long as possible, then jump in a car with air con, then dart down to the yacht club, which was nice and cool also ^_^

I was chatting to a girlfriend yesterday about one piece swimsuits, and how if you get the right one they can be very flattering and very sexy. It is actually kind of hard to find something that you don’t need to be a stick figure to wear!

I do love the 50’s styles, but I think you have to have a nice hour glass shape. Me, not so much, I’d look to big in the hips, but still think it would be flattering. This one is so cute all you would need is a pair of tailored shorts to go with and you have a nice outfit! Gorgeous neckline.

Then you have the other end of the stick, where you are wearing something so odd that if you got burnt by the sun, you’d have the worst tan lines! Very ew, do people actually wear these?? *shudder*

I also love this style, very simple look, but with small ruffles. Of course for me to get into that I would have to spend some time at the gym, then get some crazy spray tan as I would look extremely pasty in that! One can dream haha. Hmmm…may also need a boob job ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyhoo, on to my outfit for the day! I was proud of this, as I had it planned in my head, so am glad it worked ๐Ÿ˜›

I’ll start off with my hair. This is an easy peasy way to style your hair into loose curls & waves.

Wash your hair the night before and towel dry. Whilst it is still damp create 6 sections and twirl their hair into ringlets. Keep doing this over and over and it will dry over time. Hopefully it will be completely dry by the time you go to bed. Will look like this:

Then head to bed. In the morning all you need to do is run your fingers through a couple of times, add some oil drops (for frizz reduction) if needed and voila! Nice hair:

And now the clothes:

Dress – Salvo’s $8

Belt – I think I stole it from my sister, if not, unknown ๐Ÿ™‚

Shoes: Wedges from Japan markets

Necklace – ebay

Bow Clutch – Myer

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