Weekends need to be longer

I believe we should all work 4 days and have 3 days for our weekend! I’ll vote for whoever can give me this when they come to power!!

I am pooped…a busy day yesty, not so busy day today but now I have a nice headache going and am tired. I also need to stop whinging as I think the fiance is planning my demise unless I shutup. Freedom of speech buddy!

We went to the St George Sailing club and it looked like a dump from the outside, but inside surprisingly not bad. It also had gorgeous views.

Now the list is compiled and we need to figure out where we want, 3 venues 1 choice. Hmmm…will have to get back to you.

The fiance and I got invited to see that new movie ‘Unknown’, with Liam Neeson. Wasn’t bad, but I kept thinking I had seen the same concept somewhere else…it had been done before. Oh wow, some guy has an accident and loses his memory, only to find somebody else living his life for him. Kinda tastes a little like the Bourne Identity (except for the other person taking over their life). It did have an ok twist, but I could of waited until it came out to dvd. Ah well, it’s not often that we go to the movies, so it was a nice break.

One thing about the movies I think everyone does – end up eating sooo much popcorn that your lips end up going all weird and all you can taste is salt. And yet, you cannot stop shoveling mouthfuls of  it into your gob. I think they must lace it with speed as well, because you end up eating within the previews time, then you are sooo thirsty you need to down a litre of coke. All this before the movie even starts. Its all part of their master plan!

I have also created a Wish List, unfortunately I am not rich enough to have everything I lay my eyes on. Although if I was uber rich the first thing I would do is have a money fight. I had one in Japan with my fiance, but it just didn’t feel rich.

I mainly want a white or cream leather jacket, and those gorgeous Steve Madden shoes. Need to start secretively spending our h0use deposit….tee hee.

Now I need to go and munch some brie, which I’m totally eating for the calcium and not the fatty tasty goodness.

Cardigan – SES

Top – Emily the Strange

Jeans – Forever 21 Japan

Sunnies – imitation Ray Bans from Rubi shoes

Hair clip – Got any Blacker