Birthdays and Food – Best mix

So last night was a bit of a run around. After the wedding dresses with my sister I headed home and got ready.

Chucked on a pair of shorts, nice teal singlet and my flats….hmm no not happy, to casual

Changed into a strapless short black dress….too dressy

Changed into a teal dress which I think I have only worn once before. That’ll do.

I couldn’t believe I changed 3 times….puh-lease, I should of stayed with the shorts and singlet as would of been most comfortable.

Anyhoo, the night was just kicking off around 7ish, met up with alot of V’s friends, I don’t think she realised how many people she invited, as she only had a table for 15 reserved, and nearly 25 people came haha. Oh well, they were able to loiter around no biggie. She loved her gift, which was this amazing necklace my girlfriend and I organised, by the way V – I want your necklace, count yourself warned. Dinner for me was bruschetta (I seriously have an addiction to this stuff) as it was a fair sized serve, and I may have eaten 3kgs worth of pasta at lunch.

Had to say goodbye to V and the fiance and I jumped into a cab to go to Potts Point, to this little Czech restaurant. Such a nice venue, but soooo toasty. We were sweating to death upstairs!I didn’t post anything here about it as it was a surprise birthday dinner for Deb, and she was surprised! I only wish I was there to see her reaction 🙂 We made it before the cake, so planned it well. Ended up leaving about 10pm and headed home. A long long day.

Today we’ll head to the St George Sailing club as a potential wedding venue. Will suss it out and see if it makes the cut. Then we have to pick out of 3 (Kogarah Golf club & St George Motor Boat club). A bit more chilled today in the weather, which is always nice, but so long as it doesn’t go the extreme I am happy.

Alrighty then, I am off venue shopping.

Dress – Bardot

Handbag – Japan markets

Necklace – Combination of pink star (gifted by sister) and The Used strangled heart


Pizza, Fish & Chips and my Heathly eating :) Wedding dress shenanigans

What? I am totally eating healthy. There was some veges somewhere on that pizza….and the fish and chips I munched for dinner… Er….Omega 3? Yeah thats right, healthy!

Today was not bad, because it was busy the day went quickly. Also got to catch up with V as it is her birthday tomorrow! yay!

I have a funny story to tell, and I only hope it reads as funny as it was (or you might need to have been there). It all starts with my work, and this girl who works there that smells, really really bad. She is known as Stinky.

So my boss (I’ll call her B) and a couple of other girls were leaving at the end of the day and are heading to the lifts. B and I head to the loo and once out make our way to an open lift (the other girls are already in). Oddly B states that she will grab the next one and I bid her goodnight and head into the lift. One step in and I see the 2 other girls I work with….and Stinky. In a split second I have to decide if I want to be in a small enclosed space with her….do I risk my health and my nostrils??? Quickly I back out and practically run away from the lift, leaving the doors to close and mumbling, sorry I’ll get the next one!

I look around to see B laughing at my antics. Little did I know that she had seen Stinky enter the lift (something I missed) and made and about face. I had totally wandered into the warzone unawares. B had even tried to grab my arm as I walked in, I had obviously missed this. She couldn’t believe I backed out of the lift.

So we were cackling to ourselves as we waited and got the next lift down. Sorry Stinky, but I value my life! To the other girls…I feel for you.

Ah, hilarious. Everyone needs to have a good laugh every now and then ^_^

Tomorrow is my busy Saturday. I head out with my sisters to Leichhardt to try on some wedding dresses 🙂 Woot! Very exciting. So that’s morning to afternoon, then I have to head home and get ready for V’s 25th. Dinner and dancing, which might be a scary sight…I put Elaine from Seinfield to shame. Can’t wait to give V her card, its so cute and funny.

Ergh, that means I have to write on the card. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not a card person. I mean I don’t mind receiving them, but giving them means I generally have to write more that To….. From…… *sigh* What do you want? A little novelette? I am not going to pour my heart out onto a card, so don’t get your hopes up. Sorry V, but that’s me, I’ll aim for something good tho, lol. The focus is the picture on the front, not what I write 😀

For now I ‘m going to park my bum in bed and watch some Jersey Shore, or maybe a movie! I know, its total spontaneity at my house, look out!

PS. have released my posts to Facebook, so I hope I don’t look like a total ponce ^_^

PPS. Have totally been taking photo’s of my feet at work (to show my work heels) I hope my colleagues don’t think I have a foot fetish…hmm, too late now.

And G – I LOVE Mario Kart 🙂

Top – Cotton On

Singlet – Insight from General Pants

Cardigan – SES

Jeans – Tsubi

Shoes – Flats: I love Billy’s, Heels: Sirens

Necklace – Kaboodle Designs: Pocket watch – check them out, seriously cute stuff.


An ode to yummyness

This was one of the best cocktails I have had in ages! A strawberry & lime caipiroska *heart*

ergh…cocktails are evil. They get you all excited over the pretty colours and yummy flavours. But in actual fact, they are lulling you into a false sense of security, whilst they wreak havoc on you head in the morning!

But overall last night was fun. We tried out the food for a wedding venue we are contemplating, which ended up being disappointing. We either have to try the food again and hope it was just that night, or look for another place! Did get to catch up with friends and chatted into the night, got home at 1am…which is sooo late for me. I’m seriously a nanna and am in bed by 9pm lol. Was such a rebel last night, look out! haha