A touch of sparkle

Whilst perusing (read stalking) another blog or 10 I wandered across this awesome post by SeaBlanket who came up with this great diy nail manicure with a nice sparkle.

I thought this was a pretty cool idea and did my own – but different, as I only had little star gems.

See how SeaBlanket did hers here

I just did a clear coat over the colour polish and stuck the gems on, then I totally layered on the clear over the top to hold them on.


Beauty Treatments – All in a days work

Hi there! I am home after an ok day at work. Wasn’t too busy, which is fab, but I have plenty to do when I get in tomorrow morning.

I was reading an article today online about Protecting your eyes (mainly the fragile skin around your eyes) from sunburn and aging. This I think is very important, as not many people rub suncream close to their eyes, or even on their eyelids. I know I don’t! Definately a good read and brings to light some good products that can also be a foundation base for your makeup. I may have to hunt this down 🙂

Along those lines I also read about a honey facial the other day. This is the easiest thing to do and is very beneficial as honey is a natural anti-bacterial, so will help remove bad bacteria which can lead to bad skin. Honey is also a natural humectant (I’m using big words!), which means it has the ability to attract and retain moisture.

All you need to do is remove all makeup etc from your face. Then put a warm face cloth on for a few minutes, this helps to open your pores. After this paint honey all over your face and leave for 15-20 mins (might be hard to maintain if its hot ^_^ you might start to melt). Rinse off with warm water, the pat dry with a cold cloth, as this will close your pores. Easy peasy facial!

I was reading the free MX on my way home and it had an article about this teen in Britain who weighs 254kg after losing half her body weight at a US fat camp a couple of yrs ago. How do you seriously put on that much weight!! Put down the twinkie and step away from the fridge! Egads! I was seriously dumbfounded, how would she even get around? Crimeny, I am totally thankful I am not that chunky.

Alrighty, I am off to cut my nails, as I know you all wanted to know that. Seriously, they are so long at the moment I keep hitting other keys on the keyboard, and I accidentally stab myself in the face with them (now that takes skill)


Cardigan – SES

Dress – H&M Japan

Stockings – can’t remember, maybe Myer

Bracelet & Earrings – Diva (my $10 bargain!)

Flats – Spendless